I can’t say that Steph Davis is a bad actress cause she’s actually really good but how come every scene that has her it ends with her trashing about the place like a fish out of water? Tone it down.

no silly. it’s awful when they die but its totally worth all the joy and love they give you.

I know ;) I’m still a little jaded after what happened to my last kitty but what can ya do.

new kitty because they can give you so much more than a heartbreak.

More? So you mean a heart attack? ;)

I know. The reason why I always refused to get a pet is bc it’s like having a child. I’d probably get a dog, which is the most complicated pet there is :P

Ha :D You’ll have a hyper active toddler for the next 16+ years.

DO IT DO IT DO IT! I’ve never been a huge fan of pets for various reasons, but I’m thinking about getting one when I go live on my own.

LOL It’s done. I’m a sucker when it comes to cats. I do love animals but there’s so much responsibility and worry involved. Cats are usually the least complicated ones. They’re kind of like arrogant roommates :D

Aw what pets would you get? 

Go for it! *O*

I can’t resist, it’s so cute and fluffy

To get a new kitty or to never get a kitty again cause of the risk of heartbreak???


ste being self-destructive

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maybe he had but this time it was more of the start or watever

Either way I’m happy about it :)


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Anonymous asked: He started the drugs today??? Im praying so hard for a good story for him. But im worried this is really just to give him a plot and because he's been involved with drugs so often throughout the years they figured theyd make him an addict, and not because theyre really thinking character-based. Theyve got a job to do restoring faith after the waste they made of bringing his dad in.

Yup, although he took them last time he was on screen- or it was kind of hinted at a few times. I think it’s pretty well linked tbh. Ste works best when he’s at the heart of something dark and serious so I’m certainly not going to complain.

yayhay said: that moment needs to be giffed ;)

It will be ;)

~ this could be the start of something newww ~ lala ~