"We don’t know if The Sims 4 will be crap or not."

Funniest response ever.  Thanks for the laugh, UrbanRats.

Honeywell’s Sims 4 News

My Sweet Prince

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Anonymous asked: "Didn't watch" *snorts milk* Awesome, crazy ^_^ But really, don't bother. It's all just been underwhelming and blah. I'm personally very tired of Kieron getting crap material and of James' so-called acting and I'm pissed they cut Ste getting some hot stripper d and I'm over this show's foolishness in general. I'm done even hate-watching.

I get what you mean. I just don’t care what’s happening on screen ATM so there’s no point in me watching it. If Ste’s stories improve and if the show in general improves I’m obviously going to watch again, but until then… I have other things to entertain myself with.

Anonymous asked: just a question, but where you as moved about Jp's rape reveal moment as all of tumblr?

Didn’t watch

Anonymous asked: Jennifer Metcalfe leaving too it's been comfimed by her I will actually really miss Mercy she was such an amazing character

I tolerate her in limited doses. Too much Mercy annoys me. Especially when she’s doing her awful woe is me act. Love her or hate her she is pretty iconic and unforgettable though, It’s quite a big loss for the show.

Anonymous asked: Are you surprised that Carmel's leaving I'm not she doesn't have any storylines and she's been lumped with Sonny and he can't act

I’m not surprised, no. She’s been the joke of the show for years now, her last storyline that had any major meaning or character progression was the one where she was scarred because of that tanning machine thingy. They ruined it by making her go off screen to have plastic surgery and get rid of the scarring, now it’s like it never even happened… I wouldn’t want to stay either.

Anonymous asked: Have you heard Kirsty Leigh Porter's rumored to be leaving too?

Doubt it’s true to be honest.

Anonymous asked: Have you heard that Gemma Merna (Carmel) is leaving Hollyoaks?



tom hiddleston, michael fassbender, and benedict cumberbatch greet a gathering of small marine life

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And Jorgie porter still can’t act to save her life….

Remember when Diane tried to steal that little baby girl?

Yh me too, writers.

Random people keep smiling at me today, like one after the other. I even got a mirror out to check that I don’t have a booger stuck to my face or something.

Lol the only likeable Roscoe is Ziggy.